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Default flat buyer agrrement

I (B) had purchased shop on resale from A in 1976. ( 2 ) A had executed

flat buyer agreement with builder dated 1973 and B agreed to abide by

the terms and conditions of the flat buyer’s agreement referred to above

and accept the rights and liabilities there under.

3.B purchased shop on resale from A in July 1976 and paid balance

10% payment to the builder.Builder approved the above.

4. In the above agreement dated 1973, its clause 6 stated that flat buyer

agreement will be executed in company standard form.

Clause 12 of the above flat buyer agreement dated 1973 states that- The

conveyance of the building will be executed in the name of of limited

company or body corporate/Co-operative society to be decided by the

Promoter ---------

The builder handed over possession to B with possession letter dated

1982 stating that the possession was given to B in dec 1978 & also stated

that B has paid him(builder) full consideration for the shop and the shop

is owned by B

I do not have flat buyer agreement. Now I think my matter will come
under sec 53A of T.P. act. I think sale deed cannot be made as it is DDA
lease hold property.

Now I want to approach the builder and ask him to sign the flat buyer
agreement which will have to be registered now.
(Registration act Sec.17,1A- The document containing contracts to transfer for consideration, any immovable property for the purpose of section 53A of the transfer of property Act 1882 shall be registered if they have been executed on or after the commencement of the registration act and other related laws (amendment)Act 2001)

1. From which period time will began to run (period of limitation) against
Me(B) for signing the purchase agreement with builder as I want to ask
the builder to sign the purchase agreement now.
5.Kindly inform under which article of limitation act/contract act it will
6.I may need shop buyer agreement for apartment deed and making it
freehold under Delhi apartment ownership act

4.You may refer to section 4 & 6 of The Delhi apartment ownership act.

5. I am in possession of my shop.
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