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Old 05-20-2017, 08:51 AM   #11
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Default Re: Greek inheritance scandal, siblings defaming and forgery

I know about all the people mentioned above and testified for several of the victims in a video, i was advised to remain anonymous due to the dangerous involved and i was informed that as long as what i am sharing publicly is the truth i am not liable for defamation!

The reason why i got involved to testify in hopes these people are prosecuted is because they are SICK beyond repair., they are not only siblings behind this but other relatives including a a criminal network of jews who gladly involved themselves to indulge in racketing, insurance fraud and more crimes un heard of to remain un detected even by the Israeli authorities and Jewish Beit Dins (courts).

What i found sick is they threatened to kill the children of the siblings when they heard one was going to visit Greece, of course this is because they fear been discovered by the Greek Authorities who are desperate for any money now., beyond that they used allegations they gathered from previous targeted relatives to attack them in the event they did come to Greece so they can frame them as mentally unstable and violent.

The main openly known perpetrators are Antonio Kotatis or Tony along with his spouse Karen Guerra who live in Panama the capitol of Santaria Catholicism and cocaine., Tony and his spouse worked on the 5th fleet in the US Navy-NSA., he is been investigated by Greek Authorities not only for the murder of George Kitrinos their step father who was beaten and left to die in Chios Greece but their own grand parents whos death certificates and bodies can not be found!

Most of the info i shared in my testimony about them are through the other main suspect Anna Kotatis aka "Annai Rhoad Ford".

Then there is their mother's family, Kesoglou., who also helped Antonio murder their step father, hit and run several relatives of his as well as their own brother Konstantin who was left hospitalized for the rest of his life on medication.

Anna is now with Chris Ford from Richmond Virginia where i grew up, they have one child together and go to this Greek Orthodox Church in falls Church VA., Anna also aborted children within her own home ritually, she rarely is seen outside, she stays in the dark with her daughter who is home schooled (how ever that works in the darkness) so i will mention something which i risk my life for and that is Anna and a friend by the name of Alfred Munoz became members of COS (Church of Satan) in 1989 but her rituals have no affiliation with this group because it goes against their policies.

My testimony included eye witness events of Anna asking mutual friends of ours to help her defame relatives while presenting the situation as sort of a feminist prank which later came to light of been nothing short of defamation her targets to women!

She always had money and offered to pay people to lie about her targets, not to mention access to the satanic community, while her brother Antonio who lives in Panama can access to stalk their targets with fellow Naval contacts from the NSA Naval intelligence department, and it is important to add that it was done in a legal matter, sort of like pretending to search for a missing relatives, then once located they targeted people near them with forged documents with allegations they fabricated previously through police stations with out their knowledge, most of the time Anna and Antonio will ask someone to damage the vehicle or property of those around the suspect in order to make it appear as if he did it, i mentioned one story in the video i shared where they even entered the apartment of a target and took away things from roommates who later asked him to move out suspecting he was lying.

They would carry on doing things like this until they could isolate their targets and then use the false allegations such as domestic violence to prevent them from finding any shelter.

These people have to be stopped!, i was told by the camera man that they will broadcast the interviews in Greece then share it with TV stations in the US, israel, france, Spain and panama to make them all crack...
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Old 05-20-2017, 09:16 AM   #12
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Default Re: Greek inheritance scandal, siblings defaming and forgery

Here are links to murders involving these people!

In Connecticut, 1997, a car hit Kimberley Kitrinos outside of a haunted house called “The Nightmare at Floydville Road.” The many people who passed by thought Kimberley, who laid on the dark roadside screaming, bloody, and reaching out for help was just part of the act. Kimberley eventually died from her injuries, and police were able to track down the driver who claimed that he hadn’t realized that he’d hit someone. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

George Kitrinos was also found dead inside 40 Padrekia Chios Greece, he one of his step sons while in Berlin Germany collect to inform him that he was beaten with hammers and crow bars by Antonios Kotatis, this has been posted only in Greek News by people who work with the Attorney General's office because an an going investigation is taking place to also determine two more murders involving the grand parents of Antonio and Anna Kotatis from their father's side, both their bodies and death certificates are missing, only BIRTH certificates are found.

An Attempt of Murder took place against the father Steve Kotatis in Brooklyn NY during October 2010, a neighbor could not bare the smell coming from his apartment and called 911 assuming he was dead, when they arrived they found him in a coma, they estimated that he was with out food for over 2 weeks, he was covered in his own dung and when he woke up in the hospital he could not remember his name over a week and his cousin Sam Bilas magically had a hold of his passport which was later learned to of been used in a forged inheritance scandel in Chios.
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Old 05-21-2017, 05:35 AM   #13
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Default Re: Greek inheritance scandal, siblings defaming and forgery

Hmm Interesting...Good luck, hopefully some discussion information is provided here that helps others as well.
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Old 05-26-2017, 05:34 AM   #14
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Default Re: Greek inheritance scandal, siblings defaming and forgery

Originally Posted by Wenton2 View Post
Hmm Interesting...Good luck, hopefully some discussion information is provided here that helps others as well.
I should mention this because of the evidence involved.

A group of Greek private investigators and investigator journalists (who i wont disclose) accepted this case and believe by sharing the evidence on Greek , Australian and US TV stations will make this family and network working with them crack!

This case is allot more then one or two little homes, they hired PIs to track down relatives they themselves estranged themselves from to study their situation and defame them to any potential spouse from fear they will go to Greece and register their marriage.

The defamation led to collusion with employers, landlords, insurance agencies, real estate and land contractors or anyone who may have a invested interest to use false testimonies by the perpetrators who are targeting their siblings to tie them up in legal problems to later use as defamation as well, remind you THEY DID NOT want them to know who is doing it because they might suspect a inheritance is involved.

Their very current projects include a very sophisticated collusion with an acquaintance from the tribunal, they defamed their target to the grandparents to start a family case for visitations based on allegations that they where informed their father is mentally unstable, they do not have to show proof of this unless there is a trial which does not happen in family court for this, the child judge only wants to see that the grandchildren are ok, so they got these grandparents to write up a false psychological report to profile the father and tried to request that he and the children are GROUNDED IN THE COUNTRY, and ofcourse the plot to prevent them to reaching Greece is the same!

The case was suspiciously dropped after been served due to technicalities and then it came back to the prosecutor who had it re investigated to only discover that the grandparents where using the case to defame the targets.

Read this carefully to learn how anyone with money can frame an innocent person
The grandparents requested visitations and partial custody of the grandchildren on claims that they where informed the son in law was mentally unstable., they how ever never proved their claims or verified them with police., so the case was dropped and the couple moved to another part of the country and informed the tribunal of their new address in the event they needed to inquire.

How ever after sending the children to school for over six months they discovered that the grandparents where already defaming them with papers from their court case in person to the mayor, the employers and schools with false pretenses that they are running from the law, that the daughter and fears telling police she needs to escape, and they called the daughter later from the police station to let her know that her parents are in town and drive more then 600 miles to see the grandchildren asking her is she was willing to meet them outside in their RV for a short ride, she refused and demanded they file in the court house where she lives like they are supposed to because she believed someone deceived them into colluding to FRAME HER HUSBAND and keep him tied up legally in the country.

The police later told the prosecutor that the grandparents claimed that this court case was never over hiding the final judgement which said it was dismissed, they also stated that they gave the impression that their daughter and grandchildren where living in a vehicle, abused, homeless and wanted to rescue them and depicted their son in law as a fugitive who is paranoid and dangerous, yet, he is registered in the national data base as a martial artists instructor, has the latest health exam stamps required for competitions yet these grand parents had documents claiming he was in jail for 3 years for beating 5 women yet police can not verify this because it came from someone else's mouth in his family who also wont testify this., and the police admitted they fell for it because the grandparents used to work for the army!, and get this one, they where prepared to allow the grandparents to take the children to their safety! A KIDNAPPING ATTEMPT they later added that they caught 3 people in the country who claimed are assistant psychologists fallowing the son in law and defaming him to clients after his employer shared a video from the companies security camera wondering what it was about.

At the moment there are
-3 suspected murders,
-Multiple forged death certificates
-Multi transfers of property in attempt to conceal the names from the system,
-forged notary's signed by people who have been dead for over 11 years,
-Money laundering through fake non profit sites like
-SSI Fraud linked to the murders amounting to $82,000
-Land grabbing of 450 acres linked to two other relatives have birth certificates but no death certificates or even bodies found buried anywhere.

KEP and the attorney General of Greece have have carried out police shake ups on several islands based activities like this and the US and Australian authorities have been tracking down the relatives and their network of people they are colluding with, they showed allot of activities just on the net, like requiring them to appear in court by for simple vehicle citations in order to interrogate them about how they are NOT the relatives of their targets.

Problem in Greece is that many people are been murdered and the cases are swept under the rug.

So yes your site has provided top notch help some attorneys want 3k before even sharing.

Bless you!

P.S., I have been advised that i am not liable for defamation or anything if i share any of the evidence if you like, so people learn how evil GREED IS!

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Old 07-09-2017, 11:48 AM   #15
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Default Re: Greek inheritance scandal, siblings defaming and forgery

I suspect the brother and sister in law who work for the Navy, contact NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Services) to report any info about these perpetrators, they are experts in finding out if these individuals committed such crimes, which are actually very common when involving foreign law enforcement.,

Whenever a military law enforcement officer contacts for civilian help in any country most are in agreement to assist, so this sibling Anna may just be the naval employee Karen calling 3 way from Panama, because i doubt the girl was smart enough to pull something like this off 35 years ago when she was 16 years old.

In my opinion, it sounds like the Mother took off and defrauded her ex husband's wealth with a Gigolo lover, i googled up this Kitrinos guy and found out his sister, son and niece where all killed in hit and run accidents, i called one of the relatives in the D.C.area and was told this was the case.

My advise is that the victims contact the Attorney General In Athens, share evidence of collusion taking place, you have it, the emails from a lawyer not advising the victim correctly is clearly a breach of law., tell them about the suspected murders o they investigate all the allegations, from there i think police will have to provide a sufficient phone record of the time this Goerge was killed in Greece to now, you have a great chance of putting these criminals away for good.

P.S., i also contacted a few people in the US who verified some of the people's names here linked to the allegations of defamation, try getting their testimonies yourself or simply try recording phone conversations to share with a prosecutor in the states because you will have to take them to court where they live.

Other then all that good luck trying to put a bunch of barnabas types away, corruption is a serious issue in Greece, a $100 bucks can get someone murdered these days.
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Old 07-11-2018, 08:39 PM   #16
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Default Re: Greek inheritance scandal, siblings defaming and forgery

i know everything about these people, the mother Voula Paraskevi maiden name KESOGLOU then married to Stavros KOTATIS then Goerge KITRINOS and her brothers are the criminals behind all this along with the administration in Chios Greece, both the old and new municipal, notaries, etc etc.

The only children involved are the children of Theodore Kesolgou, John and Tom, then you have Antonio KOTATIS and his younger sister ANNA KOTATIS aka Anai RHOADS FORD, a mentally unstable rock groupie who named herself after a rock star and has a child with some guy she thinks looks like him..

What happened is the mother Voula was stealing her husbands savings after they arrived to the USA from Chios Greece in the mid 1970s and she started sharing it with her brothers Ted and Alex....she helped them start their lives in the USA, both un educated people who turned to crimes after they became financially desperate as they embezzled the money of Stavros KOTATIS who has been documented telling the story since 1996.

Once they where discovered in NY they took all 5 of the children, IOANIS, Kostas, Tony, Tom and Anna in a truck and skipped states to escape prosecution..once discovered in Pennsylvania they invited Stavros KOTATIS to a mediation between themselves and broke his hand, a rib leaving him hospitalized with two of his older sons behind as they escaped, both where under 18 of course..

Then Voula was discovered in the state of Virginia 1979 as she had flown her ex boyfriend George KITRINOS into the USA, how she was discovered is the disgusting part as she insisted George beat her son Antonio KOTATIS and send him to his father with broken bones so he gets the message as she feared her son might be able to talk or her ex Stavros KOTATIS coming after her which he did...
But before he reached her his son Gus tracked down Antonio and the step father George who failed to hurt him turned on Gus beating him and then even running him over with a car leaving him in psychiatric care with brain damage since the age of 17 during 1979.

Eventually Voula abandoned her sons by visiting her oldest to see her first grandson and abandoning her youngest 12 year old Tommy while pretending to park her car.

It later turned out she and her brothers had tried very hard to murder Antonio and Tommy several times as students, neighbors and other witnesses including police had recorded such as leaving the children age 9 at a beach with the intention to never see them again.

but it did not stop there, Voula later made alliance with her son Tony in the US navy, they divided the children up to conquerer by colluding with a cousin from he ex husbands side who happens to be the son of the adopted brother of his Stefanos KOTATIS and his sister Anna KOTATIS BILAS, these people all defrauded IOANIS KOTATIS of his property, including set up his wife with a discharged military acquaintance Fergus Harte, they got her drunk and then all made it appear as if she already cheated with him just for talking a few hours alone as they left them...this IOANIS KOTATIS was constantly fallowed, defamed, falsley arrested 3 times and his own sons are behind it too as they where raised to believe he is crazy!!

The mother voula and her siblings showed no mercy for any of her own children wishing to murder them as IOANIS kotatis experienced beatings, gas lighted and the staged false arrests set up by his own younger psychopathic brother ANTONIO KOTATIS who NCIS confirmed was abusing his position as a p01 officer doing this to his family over what appears to be succession.

Turns out voula, her siblings and other used stolen identity of her ex husbands and children she victimized, the forged POA thanks to criminals in Chios like every attorney who claims no criminal lawyer exists, or police, or prosecutors., besides the forged POAS to properties they also opened bank accounts and even after this all started to become public news between 2012-present the Chios Municipal and others like the notaries stone walled journalist and relatives asking when these people will be brought to justice!!!, instead, they continued to take all this further to protect their own complicity in the matter by colluding to then report even more false information to point the finger at the victims ignored the evidence and facts.

I have watched the videos about all this over and over with two journalist, i am very sure Chios needs a nice sweep up, not just immigrant issues but the whole town hall...

Murders of IOANIS and ANNA KOTATIS, their wills not published, death certificates, urban planning records and forged notarized POA evidence withheld to protect criminals by attorney CHRSTOS SPILLIOPOULOS who on record knowingly, willingly and intentionally lied pretending he did not know any KESOGLOU or KOTATIS on the island of Chios or even anyone claiming he studied abroad then moved them, while VOULA bragged about CREATING him to serve their purpose through BRIBERY and other corrupt channels.

Gus KOTATIS left in psychiatric care since the age of 17 during 1979, the Murder of George KITRINOS, his sister, Stavros KOTATIS, then John KESOGLOU (son of TEd Kesoglou) trying to bribe his way out of it with 100k is all on record.

Mr SPILLIOPOULOS turned out to the the attorney and advisor for the mayor of Chios, this shoudl explain allot of where the corruption is linked...

The group has been exposed in two countries inside Europe since the mid 1990s, the new administration has already left a trail of evidence beyond repair linked to witness tampering since 2011...we are talking international criminals the FBI and NCIS are fully aware of...the documentary which is going through all legal stages to assure NO ONE interferes with it been seen by 750 million viewers both on TV in all english speaking countries as well as the internet, there is no other way to force criminals like this including judicial corruption out into the open, the evidence clearly exposes financial psychopaths at large and the kind Greece should be ashamed of.
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Cool Re: Greek inheritance scandal, siblings defaming and forgery


I would not post too much info online, i see that the Fed had the locals pick up a Theodore Kesoglou who had stolen identity in his possession.

Then his son John was also was charged for multiple criminal issues in California.

These people can obviously bribe their way out of Jail so dont expect more unless they are federally indicted.
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