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Default Re: Fales Positive / What Can I Do To Prove My Innocence

Follow your lawyers advice.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This has happened to me, and I am trying to get my story out for others who have gone through the same thing, to help them know what to do to prove their innocence.

I take prescription adderall xr, 10mg, and recently had a urinalysis drug test that came back positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine. I too have never taken meth. I couldn't even tell you what it looks like or where to get it. I have taken adderall for years and this has never happened to me. I was taking no other medications, prescription or over the counter that could have caused the positive meth result. I do work out and take a pre-workout drink called n.o.-explode, the non-caffinated version, as well as a protein drink from the brand advocare, but there is no way that either of these could have caused the positive meth result. The test was not an on-site dipstick or instant type drug test either, it was sent to a lab and the results even listed the amount of each drug that was supposedly in my system. The amount of amphetamine was somewhere around 2600 ng/ml and the amount of meth was somewhere around 2500 ng/ml. I do not remember the exact numbers, but I do have access to the results if anyone needs the exact numbers. I have never taken meth, and knew that I could not have been slipped the drug, so of course I fought it, and paid to have more extensive testing done using the same specimen.
I was completely humiliated, and I felt as if no one believed that I was innocent. when I was requesting the paperwork to challenge the test, I even had a women say to me, " You know they are going to use the same urine sample, right?" I said, "yes, that is what I want them to do! The test results are wrong!" It took 5 days to get the results back, and those 5 days where horrible, but thank God the results came back negative and I was exonerated.
What you need to do is verify that the lab performed a gs/ms test, and if that comes back positive for meth, have them do a test that will allow them to see the ratio of d-methamphetamine and l-methamphetamine isomers. If the d-methamphetamine is less that 20% of the total of the 2, then it is a false positive. Only street methamphetamine and one other medication called desoxyn can cause a true positive meth test result with the amount of d-meth isomers over 20%.
You can prove your innocence through these more advanced tests. If you have any problems with the current lab conducting the tests, or if they do not have the ability to conduct these more advanced tests, have your specimen sent to another lab that does. Before my second results came back from the lab, I was literally going mad I was so stressed out. This could have cost me my job and caused my family many problems, as I have two small children and a husband who is in the military with a top secret security clearance, that could be taken away if someone in our household was a drug user. I spent the 5 days it took for the second test's results to come back researching the testing processes, the chemical makeup of methamphetamine and amphetamine, false positive drug results, as well as reading story after story about this happening to other people. It is terribly sad that so many others have lost their job, children, and freedom because of these inaccurate drug tests. Something needs to be done about this.
I am going through this fact same thing bu I can't find anyone to do the isomer test! Who will do it?
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Old 12-26-2016, 06:35 PM   #33
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Default Re: Fales Positive / What Can I Do To Prove My Innocence

I tested positive with my PO but I have done ANY drugs.
I am at a loss what to do next?
Can I demand a second agency?
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Old 06-17-2017, 05:16 AM   #34
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Default Re: Fales Positive / What Can I Do To Prove My Innocence

You can try to explain it, and get a second test done at your own cost by a private agency if need be. Take the results and demand that the PO reexamine your test and status.
You cannot force the PO to do it but most reasonable people will at least look at the issue for you. Unfortunately for you, the POs see a lot of people claiming false tests.
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