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wacky 01-04-2013 10:31 AM

UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
I am trying to understand the following information through a set of questions and would appreciate someone's expert assistance in the matter. I don't live in the UAE anymore.

1. Are there any recent developments from the banks in the UAE/Dubai regarding people who had debt on their credit cards at a federal (criminal) level.
2. Is it true that people who had maintained debt on their credit cards are being blacklisted by the Central Bank of the UAE and what implications does this blacklisting have for individuals?
3. Does the blacklisting only affect credit ratings in the UAE for those individuals, or does it have other implications related to travel to the UAE, visas in UAEs, being held up by immigration at a UAE Airport. Are there any penalties associated with the blacklisting, such as jail time?
4. On January 1, 2013 the UAE government announced they will not criminally prosecute and jail cheque defaulters, will this cover credit card defaulters as well?

I am certain answers to the above questions will help all future individuals coming to this thread seeking similar information.

AFFA 01-04-2013 11:22 AM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
I wish to inform you that in case of debt default there can be arrest of the person. In this regard, generally if there is a default in the credit card payment then the security check is encashed. If there is no money in the account then for check default the credit card company can make a complaint to police and criminal proceedings started. UAE sometimes issues warrant for arrest in case of check default and also informs Interpol for arrest. Credit card default can also lead to warrant for arrest in GCC countries and a person may be arrested at the airport.


Unregistered 01-04-2013 04:26 PM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
Would this also apply to a small debt of AED 1,000 which has grown to AED 5,000 with interest?

Unregistered 01-14-2013 06:26 AM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
Interpool is only concerned about the people who are threat to their own country like terrorist. But for the interpool to chase for the people who can not pay credit card because they lost their jobs are questionable ? Interpool are very busy doing jobs more inportant than these issues. If it is true , i did not hear anyone that hold in the airport except UAE of course .. In fact , i knew many people, who work in other GCC countries that having stop over or connecting flight from UAE airport but left unharmed.
I guess some of the people who are giving advice here are working in debt collecting department..

Unregistered 01-14-2013 09:49 AM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
I think you are right. Some of the responses provided to queries on the forum, from helpful people like AFFA seem to be more in the line of scaring people rather than providing facts, evidence or anecdotal experiences in order to answer the questions people have.
AFFA seems to jump immediately to the arrest of people with debt as well as leading to Interpol cases.
Whereas I have heard that banks discriminate to open and register cases with police based on size of debt.

I wonder if someone can really answer the above request sincerely.

Defaulter 04-17-2013 04:16 PM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
Interpol after credit card gotta be kidding!!! Fellow defaulters, there isn't anything close to such thing in real life. True that middle east has strange laws including the right to bare you from entering their country for smallest of small reasons but honestly i havent heard a case credit card related. I can say this cos i have a friend who has 2-3 banks from the desert after him and he still visits their place regularly. Pls relax and stay happy.

Unregistered 05-16-2013 05:50 AM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
Territoriality context of the law. Defaulters in one country cannot be prosecuted in another country may it be GCC , but yes if the debt is $100.000.000 above. You can and will be tracked down by the collection agency / agent but be aware that they cannot discuss the issue of your debts to your current employer at all , they must discuss the issue with you only personally otherwise you can file harassment and extortion case against the agent or the agency. If in case the collection agency filed a case against you in the country where you defaulted , the agency can bring the case to the country's ministry of interior where you are based at the time then the ministry of interior will notify your embassy and then you will be informed / warned , only then they can get a lawyer to file a court case against you , summons will then be issued for you to appear and represent yourself in court.
The process is very long and costly , do you believe that collection agency will put themselves in to such situation if the amount being contested is UAE3k? Given that they will , the deportation process from whwre you are now back to UAE is also costly , you will be then be put in jail , sit for several months (How can you pay if you are in jail?) and they will be responsible for your deportation to your home country , at the agency's expense , do you honestly believe they will do that even for 5k? Agents will resort to all available tactics to scare , shame the defaulters to force them to pay. Yes it is wrong to default , others have valid reason why , others simply took the opportunity. Be informed and do not take credit card again , If you cannot pay CASH it means you cannot afford it. .....

Unregistered 05-18-2013 11:24 PM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
only security cheque can not be used as a arrest warrant. Other installment cheques can be used as arrest warrant in uae.

Unregistered 06-02-2013 06:58 AM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
[are there grounds for a bank to request the central bank of
UAE that their costumer will be blacklisted if he change bank without notifiying the latter bank of his change of bank??he has a loan in the latter bank .but he was paying his monthly dues every time he recieves his salary from the new bank he shifted to.His obligation to pay his loan to the original bank has no fail ..the only thing is that he did not inform his original bank that he was already with another bank..
Please advice thank you.

cutewatcher 06-12-2013 02:14 AM

Re: UAE Travel Ban for Credit Card Debt?
i have a closed friend who left dubai last Feb , 2012 becoz his company closed . he runs from thebank which he owes AED 30,000 . He is afraid to go inside the jail. after 14 months out from dubai, he got a job offer. he gamble his life and went to dubai last May 22, 2013 without negotiating with the bank. He said if i go to jail , let it be .
last May 22, when he reached Dubai immigration , he was hold and brought to the police immigration , his passport was taken away and he was told that he has a police case from the bank.
He let him go and was told that he can only get back the passport if he pay his fine in the court for the police case of , AED 2500.
To make the long story short , he paid it and took the passport back and now he is normally working after a week.
So it means, that no more jail for the expats ? As he is the living proof .

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