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Default Re: Drilled too deep (went to a dentist to fill two cavities)

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I went to a dentist to fill two cavities on the upper right side of my mouth. He proceeded to tell me during the procedure that the cavities were real deep and that they could have lead to me needing a root canal. Well, I know that decay is the number one cause of root canals but I've never had much pain in the teeth except for when I eat certain sweets. All of my teeth are sensitive to cold so it was nothing new that these teeth with the cavities were sensitive as well. I figured as long as the cavity was taken care all will be fine now.

After I got home and the numbing went away I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't even eat on the right side of my mouth because of the pain. I assumed that it was just because of the drilling though I didn't recal it hurting this much when I was kid and got some cavities filled. I just took some OTC painkillers and hoped it'd be better in the morning. Well, it has been over a month and the pain is still present. It is no longer constant as it was the day of the procedure. My teeth are now very sensitive to cold (even cold air outside) and now even hot. If I eat anything hard or crunchy the pain is worse. I'm woken up in the middle of the night because of the pain and my only releif is OTC painkillers.

I got a second opinion from a different dentitst who took xrays of the teeth and he stated that the cavities are extremely close to to the nerve which why I'm having all my symptoms and that root canals are probably going to be needed. He also stated based on the xrays I brought in from before the cavitites were filled that he didn't understand why the cavities were made so deep since the cavities themselves were not that deep to begin with.

So as you can imagine I'm pretty upset. I'm considering getting a third opinion just see if that's really the cause. If so I'm seriously thinking about filing a suit against the original dentist. I know this post is really long (Sorry!) but I was curious to see if it sounds like Imay have a case?
The next time I would like you to consult well known and experienced dentist. And about the case please have a third opinion of the dentist regarding the dental problem .I know it is painful but try to be sure as much as possible about the damage done This will help you further.
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