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Default Adoption and child support

In 1997, I was the father of a child in California. I was 15 years old at the time. I had no rights to the child, nor was I placed on the birth certificate. However, at 18, I was hit with a $10,000 back child support bill. I continued paying child support afterwards, until about 2005, when it suddenly stopped.

The child was adopted, without me ever signing over parental rights or anything. It was my belief that the mother of the child had married and he had taken over parental rights. What had actually happened however, was that the mother had given up the child for adoption. If I had parental rights, I still had not signed them over. I am still trying to find whether the adoption had happened in California or Texas.

My question then, is whether or not this adoption was legal. The child is now 18 and has recently found me. She is living in Wisconsin with me, my wife and our children now. I intend to adopt her, which is something we agreed on. However, I'm not sure what to pursue legally, given that the adoption may not have even been legal to begin with.

I appreciate any advice!
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