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Default missing work because of bed bugs

I work at a residential home for children with behavior disabilities. About a month ago staff started complaining of red bumps that looked like bug bites. Management dismissed the complaints as flea bites. More and more staff and then clients started to get biten. One of the clients found an infestation of bugs in a couch on the unit. Staff dragged the couch outside of the unit to prevent further infestation and then called management to ket them know that we were certain they were bed bugs. Management advised us that they couldnt have a couch outside zo we woukd have to bring it back in. So we brought it back in. The units were inspected today and they confirmed that there is a bed bug infestation. Management informed us that they will not be exterminating until next week and said that we should just bring a change of clothes for when we leave to go home. My first question is.. if we do not go into work for fear of being biten by bed bugs and bringing them home can we be fired? My second question is.. if we have bed bugs in our homes now could my employer be held responsible for the cost of exterminating the infested homes? Thank you for any and all advice.
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