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Red face Re: Scammers from China? (Chinese trading companies)

We have been prospected by Mr.Zhang Liang too. He wants to buy an incredible quantity of products of our French company...

Dear Aurélie ,

Very glad to inform you that after the serious discussion with our board of directors and our CEO,our company pays highly attention to our cooperation.

The condition items as follow:

Product Price Quantity

Armoire de sécurité Dimensions : 1825x560x545 mm 1 820,00 € 50 units
Armoire de sécurité Dimensions : 1950x930x500 mm 950,00 € 100 units
Armoire de sécurité Dimensions : Dimensions : 1800x920x420 mm 774,00 € 100 units
Vitrine Lumineuse 969,00 € 100 units
Vitrine Classique 848x1196 mm 707,00 € 100 units

1. Time of Delivery: Negotiate by two parties

2. Place of Delivery:

3. Terms of Payments:

①Both parts must sign the legal contract first to set up their formal partnership. In this way, it will be helpful for us to transact the concerning bank procedures.

②After the sign of the contract, the buyer will pay the product in advance 50% of the total expenses by T/T before the seller begins to prepare the order for the buyer,and the rest of 50% by L/C before the shipment of the products from the seller's company.

Pls kindly note that attached is the standard contract our company usually uses.pls complete the contract and return me the modifed contract.morever,pls remark the amendments in red color.

At the same time,our CEO sincerely invites your CEO and you to use 1 or 2 days to visit our company in order to discuss the details on our cooperation and sign a formal contract.

looking forward to your reply.

I wish you a nice day.

Mr.Zhang Liang

Company:Shaanxi Guangda Electrical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.
Zip Code:710068
Add:No.2 Fu Rong South Road, Qu Jiang New District, Xi ' an City,China

I sent him the link of this website.

Be careful fellows !
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