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Default re: Wronged by WCB ALBERTA

I too have been wronged by them.In fact I refused to sign a medical consent authorizing them to treat me,they did anyway and injured me further.I ended up in the hospital for 10 days,on morphine for 4 years and finally had a failed spinal fusion.Despite the obviuus illegal practices by them ,you will not find a lawyer in Canada to fight them.Why? because they are 3rd party owned by the government,as are the cowardly crooked lawyers.Your best bet maybe to jump on a class action lawsuit filed by an honest lawyer who is not afraid to practice real law.Not K.K.K. law!!I am looking to join or form such a group to prepare to take on the crooked government.This will take some time but in the long run it will be greatly worth it.Can you imagine the looks on their crooked faces when they fall?We will be finally be able to see the quacks and their puppets dance for us face to face.I hope their lawyers know the law to a T.
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