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Default Only Female in a Male Dominated Dealership

I am the only female that works in a male dominated car dealership. I have been the only female that has worked here for over 3 year. I have been the top performer several months and very well respected among my peers. I have always been easy to work with and fair with my co-workers and managers. I have not had any disciplinary write ups or misconduct and do not have any issues with my performance.

My dealership recent promoted someone who worked along with me on the sales floor into a sales manager. This person and I did not get along well on the sales floor and always saw me as a “threat.” I never engaged and always minded my own business when he would try to ruffle my feathers.

Recently with him in his manager role he has been very unfair to me and very difficult to work with. He is technically the “third” manager in charge and has a General Manager and General Sales Manager that oversees him. He does duties as opening and closing the store, and helping with car deals when the other two are not around. I only have to report to him or work with him when he is the only manager on duty.

He is not well respected or liked among the other sales staff. Most people say he is not the most respectful and does not manage very well. Lately I have been told by other sales people that he has been “gossiping” about me and calling me the B-word when I am not around. He has been blaming me for the reason sales are lacking and for the bad culture in the store. None are true and I come to work everyday, get my work done and do a great job at it.

Before month end I was working on a very large commissioned paid car deal with another sales person. We both get along well and both have the same opinion on this manager. When I came in today I find out I was not given half the credit for the car deal that I worked on. The commission that would be paid is a very large amount. There was no logical reason why I would not be given my half of the deal. The other sales person told me that the sales manager is purposely not putting me on half, hoping that I would quit once I found out.

This is not the first instance where he has tried to take away my commissions on deals that I have worked hard for and was well deserved. This is coming to the point where I would need to start speaking to my HR manager or find legal help. The environment he has created has made me feel very segregated because of my gender. I feel very disrespected with the way he talks about me to other people and talks down to me whenever I try to work with him.

I am reaching out asking if I have any legal recourse and should consider hiring a lawyer. I feel I am missing out on great opportunities at my dealership because this manager is starting to paint a bad image of myself to others. Not only has money been taken from me due to his lack of management skills but also my faith in the company that they will take care of their employees.
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