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I am in Alberta Canada currently. In March of 2008 I was injured on the job and tore the miniscus in my knee, 3 doctors said so. I went on WCB, they sent me to their doctor and their doctor said that it was just a sprain and to do physio. I did physio and it did NO GOOD AT ALL!!! I tried to reason with them and they were not hearing any of it. I could no longer do my job as a delivery driver because of my knee...that was in Saskatchewan, I was on WCB from March until December 2008, they cut me off without warning and said because I finished my physio I was able to go back to work and that was that, no more discussion.

Then in October 2009, I re-injured the same knee. I had gotten a brace for my knee (as suggested by a doctor) and was climbing down off a truck and my knee gave out and I fell on it...tearing the miniscus even farther, the pain is horrible, I can't work cause I am a WCB risk and WCB wont even help me. I asked for an exploratory and WCB refused to even go there. I am backed against the wall with no way to turn. This is stupid and I am fed up...please help
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