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Default Re: Credit Card default (BILKISH ASSOCIATES)

This company is not what it claims to be, so don't be fooled.

Bilkish claims to have many offices and employees all over the world, but the entire company of Bilkish probably consists of 2 or 3 scammers who work together and occasionally get cheap temporary help from other desperate folks looking for any kind of work.

Note that Bilkish has a very low quality website. It looks like something an 8th grade student can make in an hour, except the 8th grader would have better grammar and spelling and make fewer punctuation mistakes. Also, a large reputable company would have a real home office address listed on its site, not a P.O. Box. Only small time businesses with owners that worry about being sued use P.O. Boxes. If Bilkish was the kind of company it claims to be, there would be a much more sophisticated website than the outdated one they use. A normal website for a large reputable company typically shows list of its corporate directors, officers and board members, along with their professional biographies and profiles. Bilkish has none of that. Why? Because it's not what it claims to be.

If you investigate deep enough, I think you'll find that there is no real Bilkish office, and I think you'll discover that they've never taken anyone to a court or caused anyone's visa to be delayed or denied. You'll discover that they are really nothing but talk. Annoying calls, emails and threats are all just talk. So just ignore them, because they'll never do anything more than talk. Let them talk all they want, but keep your money.
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