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Default Re: Fraud of CHINESE COMPANIES !!!

Hi everyone,

I received the following email:

Dear Controller, We are from CHANGXU Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd China, located in the middle of HENAN province. Our company has already acquired the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registration, and put on record at the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, General Administration of Customs and the National Entry-exit Inspection Bureau.
According to our knowledge, your company is engaged in travel agency, having a good reputation in the industry in your country. We think that your company can receive our tourism groups in your country.
We are planning to arrange 312 employees of our subordinate factory to travel to your country for tourist activities in 8 nights .In order to complete our tourism activities, we will divide to the employees to arrive in your country in three times, 104 people for each batch.
1, 104 people,20/09/2018 leave Shanghai airport ,
28/09/2018 return Shanghai capital airport .
2, 104 people, 01/10/2018 leave Shanghai airport ,
08/10/2018 return Shanghai capital airport .
3, 104 people, 10/10/2018 leave Shanghai airport ,
18/10/2018 return Shanghai capital airport .
Please provide 4 Star Hotels, including travel plans,
The entire trip plan is a leisure arrangement.

Best wishes,
Chinese government registration number:91410100MA44ETBC14

Anyone had any dealings with this company? I'm guessing its another scam.
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