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Default Re: United Arab Emirates (UAE) credit card debt problem


I am posting to seek some answers to my dilemma and hopefully get some good advice on what to do.

I am a plain housewife on residence (husband's) visa in the uae, my husband has recently left me for another woman,

I have reason to believe that he has already left the country leaving his unpaid credit card debts for more than 6 months now.

I am a supplementary card holder to one of his credit cards and have been continuously dogged by the bank thru phone which I never answer as I have no idea what to say to them at this moment.

I have no means to pay them since I have no job and only living with relatives.

I am planning to permanently leave the UAE and fly back to my home country.

My questions are:
  • Can I be held liable and be forced to shoulder my unfaithful husbands debt?
  • Can they impose a travel ban on me and stop me in the airport should I decide to return to my home country?
  • Being under husbands sponsorship and supplementary card holder, what are the extents of my liabilty and its corresponding penalty if any?

Thank you so much I am desperately hoping i can be enlightened on this issue.
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