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Default Need urgent help- Sister in law harassing my mother


We are 5 siblings and lost our father at very young age. My mother raised us single handedly. We had been living peacefully until my elder brother got married. My sister in law is torturing my mother and sisters since she is married to my brother. She doesnt have good relations with neither my brother and us because of her abusive behavior.

My brother and bhabi fights almost every day because of one or another things. Earlier my bhabi used to blame us for these quarrels. Hence, we separated their kitchen to separate floor. We live on 1st floor and they on 2nd floor. Even this didn't work, infact it made the situation more worse, they started having fights more frequently.

Now mother is so mentally tortured that she is in depression and have been treated for various diseases. We have been requesting or brother and bhabi to shift to another house as everyday trauma is affecting my mother alot. For which my brother has agreed however my bhabi is not ready to leave and threat us to file fake dowry and harassment case on us or hurt herself and blame us for this. If we ask them to move to another house.

Property is on my mother name, we tried to convince her with all the means including requesting her parents and other family to convince her however she is not listening to anybody.

Please help us how come out of this situation. We have already lost our father and dont want to lose our mother.

Thank you!
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