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Default Re: Need urgent help- Sister in law harassing my mother

Schedule a time to talk as a group (Including your elder relatives). When you work together, however, resolving family differences becomes more feasible. Once everyone has shared their needs, wants, and concerns, then strive for a compromise. Consider all the suggestions that each party has provided and look for a middle ground. Everyone present should feel good about the proposed solution. If necessary, develop a contract or written agreement outlining how you will manage the problem.

If you fear that, she will file dowry complaint against the husband and others.
Nowadays there are many wives in India society who think that Police and Courts have no other work to do but attend to their silly false complaints made against the husband and in-laws even on real reason of daily bickering that happens in all houses throughout the world.

The FIR even if registered against the husband and in-laws will get dismissed in the court as lack of sufficient evidence to prove all those criminal charges against the accused.

Merely stating there was demand of dowry by husband or in-laws or she was harassed for bringing insufficient dowry at the time of marriage or the husband was to get much more from other party etc. all these are stale reasons which every such complaint made by wives has. The husband was hitting, abusing not allowing to have proper meals, forced the wife to work and earn livelihood etc. are other reasons given which are without any substantial evidence, especially the physical harm caused need to be substantiated with proper medical reports which hardly exists, in the name of the medical evidence what in most case is seen, the old medical report of the woman with regard to some other complication that may have existed even before the marriage is brought on record along with the charge sheet by the IO of the police. The lack of proper medical record of act of cruelty, physical or mental harm, lack of independent witnesses in whose presence the dowry was demanded, or cruelty inflicted etc.fails charges under section 498A IPC.
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