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Default Re: trailer park signed 100yr contract to keep out cable. legal?

Originally Posted by zamrro View Post

Can this contract be challenged in court by an homeowner? This seems so illegal (Oklahoma btw) and it's keeping me from getting 20mbs cable for 30/mo when I'm paying 60/mo for 3 mbps dsl (that barely performs at half that).
Unfortunately, I don't see anything illegal going on. The park is allowing the service. It's just inconvenient for you.

Originally Posted by zamrro View Post

I would love to get a class action going and get the ACLU and/or EFF pick up the bill but not sure how plausible that is. I certainly don't have the means for a suit, or I wouldn't be living in a trailer park.
So, call up the ACLU or EFF and ask. Probably won't do anything for you either.

You option is to live elsewhere.
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