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Originally Posted by Prasad Rao View Post
I have 4 credit cards and a Loan from one bank. I have been paying all dues till date. But am broke with financial isues last few months and now i lost my JOB. I am in the process of joining a new firm but visa processing will take a months time and for first salary another month. Credit card companies have been behind me threatening to file case put travel ban since i have 2 payments due. I requested the banks collection department by email and calls to give time till i get job that is 2 months to start repaying. But they are very strickt on legal case and i dont know what next. They also say if they file a case i cant get a job ... i said if i dont get a job how do i pay.. i am Not running way dude only askig fr some time n assistance.
But NO banks bent upon thrratening given me deadline now else travel ban policd case etc.

Please help me as how can legally address the situation to bank and seek some reliefe so that i can getinto a job start clearing!!
Please help am restless and traumatised.
Be worryless for their threats and hoaxes, they can hardly stop you from anything even if a case is being filed against you. You would just spend couple of hours to end this trauma with just a simple fine.
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