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Old 10-02-2010, 12:56 AM   #1
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Default Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

I am a British Council Pakistan's Trained & Certified Education Agent and I would like to submit a complaint against MKC City College Larnaca Cyprus for noticeable injustice discriminatory behaviour in targeting Pakistani & Indian students only because of being an easy pray/target and would like to request for legal aid in this matter on humanitarian grounds.

Dear Sir, we are unable to find justice from ANY of the Cyprus Govt. or non Govt. Dept.s may it be MOEC (who never reply to our emails), Ombudsman, Police Authorities, Attorney General, NGOs etc etc etc...

Dear Sir, I am baffled with the lack of interest/irresponsibility shown by the MOEC (Cyprus Higher and Tertiary Education) in this regard, as because of their official demand international students had to submit the fees in advance to these Colleges listed on official website of MOEC.

Injustice is something that we are used to in Pakistan BUT when you see and feel it from a European country like Cyprus than it is really mind-boggling.

I honestly thought that when we were and are presenting all the proofs to the MOEC than it will be a matter of days before they'll resolve the issue and will make the College to make all the legitimate refunds.

I am not a rich man who could just apply for the visa for Cyprus travel out there, than pay for hotels, meet lawyers, pay them, register a court case, than spend time in Cyprus to fight this case. I honestly don't have these sort of funds.

But please I am NOT looking for any financial favors, I just want these kids/studentsto get their rightful due refunds.

I represent three (3) students from Pakistan, namely Mr. Wahab Shah, Mr. Shujahat Ali & Mr. Sikhawat Ali who applied for admission to MKC City College Larnaca Cyprus and paid the total yearly tuition fees in advance, as requested by the College.

All 3-students are in Pakistan, since their visa applications were rejected or withdrawn. After the rejection the students applied to the College for refund, using the Refund Application Form (provided by the College), and each requesting the amount of €3,200 (1-Year tuition fees) to be refunded. According to the refund application form, the refund of the money would take place within 30-days of the form being submitted to the College.

However, it has been around 18-months or more now and the College is not refunding Tuition Fees paid to the College by the above mentioned students.

Currently, there are more than 70 refund applications from Indian applicants as well, which the College refuses to reimburse. Indian Education Agents can be contacted at the given addresses below:

Mr. Jyotirmay Jhaver
Surat, India
Cell No.: 0091 9879578575

2. World 4U GROUP
Mr. Ravi
1st Floor, Nanak Building,Opp. Nehru Shopping Complex
Lawrence Road ,Amritsar-143001(Pb.) INDIA
Ph.No.: 0091-183-6539820
Tel-Fax: 0091-183-5062020

Below is the College lawyer’s reply regarding the Indian students’ claim for refund of their fees, which sets out the College’s decision not to refund the tuition fees: "Our clients have never undertaken any responsibility for the success of your clients in the interview before the Republic. Therefore they had no responsibility for the issue of visa to your clients. Your clients were fully responsible for the issue of visa.

In fact, based on the representations of your clients that they would be able to succeed in the interview our clients made expenses such us preparing the program of study and recruited personnel to satisfy your clients and for their interest. Unfortunately your clients failed our clients expectations.

Therefore our clients request from your clients their damages and they reserve all their legal rights. Moreover, our clients reserve their legal rights regarding the defamation our clients suffered from your clients behavior".

We are advised that the aforesaid statement lacks sound legal basis. No expenses were incurred by the College in anticipation of the applicants’ succeeding in their visa application & interview process and no damages were suffered as a result of any statement or representation made by the applicant students. Even if they had incurred expenses or suffered damages, which is not the case here, they have no legal right to deduct these from the tuition fees. It is clear that this policy is directed only against Pakistani and Indian students on purpose who are deemed as incapable of claiming and pursuing their rights, while sitting thousands & thousands miles away. And is taking advantage of this huge amounts of monies, either by investing it for their own purposes or by gaining interest on it etc.

Agent: 'college blackmailing me for ,e1/410,000 in fees'. - Free Online Library
Police probe into college refunds - Cyprus Mail

Now we are being targeted in Pakistan as CHEATERS.

My health, business & social ife has suffered tremendously and now I am a heart patient coz of facing pressures from students, their families and lawyers. I have also tried to commit suicide in July 2010 but was saved by my family. All details o myf doctors, hospitals are written as under.

I am looking for justice in this matter and if I am not gonna get it soon than I shall be compelled to commit suicide soon and it will be in front of the Karachi Press Club (Karachi Press Club).

I am unable to handle any more pressure coz if I don't have my family, honor and business than all my reasons for living in no more.

My suicide attempt details can be verified by contacting:
Liaquat National Hospital (, Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College)
Suicide Patient Name: Zafar Khan, Age: 46
Case No. 30310, Ward: ER/ICU, Bed Number: 1918
Physician: Dr. Mashoor Alam Shah
Date of admission: 24th July 2010
Released with a warning of "Strict Indoor Vigilance"
Follow-up: Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Dr. (Maj.) (Retd.) Iqtidar Taufiq (Case No. I.T. , 1232, 1233)
Qualifications: MBBS, MD, FCPS
Tel: 0092 21 34412397, 34412476, Mobile: 0092 333 3117102

Al-Khidmat Hospital (Al-Khidmat Welfare Society, Al-Khidmat Welfare Society)
Consultant Physician: Dr. Tariq Aziz
Qualifications: MBBS, FCPS
Mobile: 0092 333 3508518

Cipralex 10mg (Cipralex: Cipralex Side Effects)
Restoril 30mg (Restoril Information from
Helezol 40mg (PakMediNet - Trade Name Description)
Amlodipine; Valsartan (Amlodipine; Valsartan tablets: Information from
Rovator (Buy Lipitor, Astin, Atorvastatin, Atorec, Atorlip, Atorva, Lipvas, Rovator online.)
Lowplat (PharmEvo)

Good Bye & pray for my soul please,
Zafar Khan

Students have applied since March/April 2009 and are now waiting for their refunds in Pakistan:

1) Mr. Shujahat Ali College Student No. IN-2009-O1871 {Applied for visa and went the hotel where visa interviews were conducted day before the visa interview date but as per his account he was told by staff that they’ll attest his educational docs on the day of the interview, which they didn’t for whatever reasons and consequently he was refused by the Cyprus Immigration Officer)

2) Mr. Wahab Shah College Student No. IN 2009-J1721 (Cancelled more-than-a-month before visa interviews coz of domestic issues at home and decided to stay in Pakistan)

3) Mr. Sikhawat Ali College Student No. IN 2009-O1870 (He was approved by the Ministry of Education and the Immigration Authorities on 6th May 2009 but no visa interviews were conducted by the Cyprus Authorities in June coz of Law & Order situation in Pakistan).) Than surprisingly he was refused by the same Ministry of Education and the Immigration Authorities on 7th August coz of bad grades (‘E’ Grade) in his HSSC i.e. High School)]

Now plz tell me whose fault is that?

All fees payments are made into College’s Official Bank Account:
Bank: Marfin Popular Bank
Account Name: MKC City College Ltd
Account Number: 04031118554
· Sikhawat Ali Passport#RV1797661, date 27/04/2009 EURO 3,324.50 Bank inward reference no. 199-39425-09
· Shujahat Ali Passport#HN1792001, date 30/03/2009 EURO 3,332.00 Bank inward reference no. 199-30382-09
· Wahab Shah Passport#LB5147641, date 22/04/2009 EURO 3,332.00 Bank inward reference no. 199-37338-09

How much fees each students have paid?
Each student has paid total of EUR3,350

Why payment of fees was made in advance?
Payment of fees in advance wass the policy & requirement of the Cyprus Immigration till 2010. Without which no visa application is processed. Students have to submit & show original bank receipts of Pakistani banks and the receipts issued by the College to the Cyprus Immigration Officer during physical interviews in Pakistan.

How many times have these students contacted the College?
We are trying to contact them on almost daily basis since beginning of Oct 2009. We have sent them emails & have left phone messages & have SMSd several times on College Directors Mobile number. But have NO REPLY!

MKC City College is registered with the MOEC (Ministry of Education & Culture):

■ All private Institutions offering Tertiary Education are registered and regulated by MOEC
■ Private Institutions of Tertiary Education (PITE) operate under Laws 67(1) of 1996 to(No.2) of 2004 (The College in question is on listed as an accredited College on different Govt. Dept.s link and this simply means that all Dept.s were & are satisfied that the College has fulfilled all requirements AND that is why our students have taken admission into it and has paid fees of EUR3,350 each as per Cyprus Immigration requirements. Now, I don't see how it is NOT their responsibility to MAKE the College pay our students fees refunds?)

Education Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency / Eurybase: The Information Database on Education Systems in Europe

Cyprus Educational Institutes
MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Educational Institutions - List of Private Institutions of Tertiary Education

Cyprus Private Institutions of Tertiary Education
Cyprus Higher Education

MKC City College Refund policy is stated below:

MKC Agreement - See College Obligation regarding fees refunds on point#4.6 (To Refund any Fees, excluding Application Fees, to the Students who’s Visa has been denied by the Authority)

City College Larnaca | Bachelor Programs | Administration | Business
Q: What happens if the visa application is rejected?
If the Authorities rejected your Visa application, the College will refund the fees except for the Application Fee (non-refundable).

Page 4 of Undergraduate Application Form08 (Find attach):
The refund policy of the tuition fees and deposits will only be returned if my visa application is declined by the Cyprus Government.

DISCLAIMER : The information in this document and attachments (if any) is confidential and may also be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the named recipient(s). If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake. E-mail transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be secured or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses. Therefore Mr. Zafar Khan does not accept legal responsibility for the contents of this message. Violation of this notice may be unlawful.
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Old 01-19-2011, 11:10 AM   #2
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Default Re: Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

If the Pakistani authorities failed to take appropriate legal action against you for a failed suicide attempt YOU become used to INJUSTICE in Pakistan. I find a discrepancy in your logic and you base your case on baseless allegations.
You Are a lawyer first commit to fight the cases free of Cost then base your case on Truth.If you are used to injustice in Pakistan, why do you expect the world to listen to you?
There is a free government in Pakistan, a PEOPLES government! if you do not get justice go to GEO TV Channel and expose the culprits.
What you should ask from the world is that the Justice system in Cyprus supports fraud.
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Old 05-02-2012, 12:44 PM   #3
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Default Re: Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

What has been referred to by the fist speaker regarding the particular college is absolutely correct and true. They have collected the money, used it and no body made them to pay it back. Unfortunately those students are not the only ones! They are locals who have been exploited, offered their services and never being paid. They are frauds and hide behind an educational establishment but not for long!
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Old 11-04-2012, 12:04 PM   #4
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Default Re: Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

Cyprus is full of fraudsters both sides (turkish and greek sector). If you 're doing business in Cyprus make sure that you are dealing with a respective international organization. So be aware...
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Old 10-25-2013, 04:08 AM   #5
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Default Re: Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

It is true this college is the most corrupt college in Cyprus. The director Costas Charalambous is being a mafia. He is not giving me my deposit after I am returning to Nepal. These criminals need to be exposed.They will do anything for money even Costas Charalambous will sell his ugly English wife Susan Taylor for money. He is always asking students to pay hidden fees once we first arriving in Cyprus. He is not helping us at all when we are first arriving in Cyprus. You know it is very difficult when someone is just arrive in new country but this college is not helping us with advice or anything. Costas is also a racist he is not liking Pakistani student or Indian student or African student. One time I sitting in reception and I hearing racist comment from Susan Taylor the wife of Costas about one Pakistan student who was robbed of his deposit. She did not know I heard her but this is the situation at this college. It is really bad atmosphere. Also every semester new teachers is coming to the College,because the previous teachers is not being paid.So they leaving and new teachers come in their place for the next semester, then they leave when they don't get paid and so on. Really it is a college which is being owned by criminals. They have been taken to court many times and fined but you know most student this college target is too poor to be going to be taking MKC College to court. I hope the justice is going to be done and this college is going to be exposed. All we want is our deposits back.
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Old 10-25-2013, 04:31 AM   #6
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Default Re: Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

The world community should insist on restoration of human rights in Cyprus and relief for those suffering from the invasion and 20-year continued occupation. This would have the added advantage of changing attitudes and eliciting goodwill, which would then encourage a just solution of the Cyprus problem in circumstances where human rights prevailed over brute force.
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Old 11-03-2013, 03:06 PM   #7
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Default Re: Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

It is being true what people is saying.Oh my god this college is really treating students very bad way.I am being at this college and the administration are doing many bad things. They are making student sometime to work for the college and say they will pay them,but then they never paying them. Student can do nothing, we cant complain to no one because we have no proof. Also it very true what people say about our deposits. They never pay us back our deposits. They are saying they will pay us our deposits when we finish but they never doing this. After we leave Cyprus and then we find out that money is not being sent, we can do very little when we are not in Cyprus. Really the college should be paying us deposit before we leave Cyprus. Mr.Costas is an evil person,he don't care for any student. All he want is money.
Even many time he saying to us students if we bring a friend to study in this college, he will be giving us little discount with our fees. He always saying this can you believe it. I will never bring one friend to this college even if dumbass Mr.Costas is giving me 100% discount on fees! All he care about is money, he don't care one inch about student. Even teachers only staying for one or two months then they leave because college is not paying them their salary! This is the crazy situation in this college. How Cyprus government is not closing this college down I don't understand. Really big mafia this college and everything people say about it is true, very bad college and very bad people.
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Old 08-03-2018, 03:48 PM   #8
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Default Re: Pakistan; Injustice/Discrimination/Human Rights Violation by a College in Cyprus

MKC City College is very very bad college in Cyprus.It is being true what everyone is saying here.This college is really really a mafia and Mr Costas is being a big liar and a big mafia.He not caring about student and he take student deposit and never returning deposit to student when they leave Cyprus.This college need to be closed.
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