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Old 04-12-2015, 04:24 AM   #11
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Default Re: Credit Card default (BILKISH ASSOCIATES)

Out of Territory issue on (credit and loans) bilkish butcher's don’t have rights to harassment the people and threaten or blackmail.
Bank will be filed a case and submitted in court and so always deal directly with bank are settle the matter with the help of your family are friends in GCC country.
Don’t take Blikish butcher's help they will make you bakara and loot from you as much as possible from you.

Please do not afraid are run from this Bilkish butcher's, who hide & calls and mentally harassment's to you & your parents and family members...etc.

You had not did any crime. Due to cost of live increased or loss of job or personal problems did not paid, it is normal to be a defaulters, 80% of working peoples are defaulters in the world.

Even many actors / politicians / business peoples are in defaulters list they are not afraid, they know law they deal in court through their lawyer and advocate.

The money you do settlement with Bilkish butcher'swill not paid to bank and your problem will not be solved – you are still a blacklisted.

If Bilkish butchers come to your come catch and beat them and hand over to police.

Bilkish butcher's will not help you in any way, they money you pay to them will goes into their personal account for their enjoyments.

Many famous peoples went to police station / court and jail (Our freedom fighters / Celebrities / politicians / riches persons / honest people) all went to police station and court & jail - to get justice you have to go this place. If you don’t make it public & hide this Bilkish butcher's illegal activity then law & government will not know they illegal business.
Defaulter is not a crime – due to some circumstances it happens so don’t feel shame are hide be open discuss with your family and friends about the issue.
Important: please do not call Bilkish butchers from your mobile number they will get all your address / outgoing calls from the service provides they call and harassment / threaten / spoil your image.

Please follow this steps, do not worry are feel shame to going to police station or court - to get your rights and protection against this animals – Below steps is the only option.

1. Record all the calls from Bilkish butchers.
2. Note it down all the phone numbers which you get calls from the Bilkish butchers and harassment.
3. Write down all the detail in your diary.
4. Discuss openly with your Family / Friends / Advocate / consumer complaints Form / Police friends / with Panchayat member...etc. (Make it public so that innocents peoples can get aware about this Bilkish butcher's)
5. For mental harassment and due to this you and your parent’s health issues and spoiling your name / any suicide attempt...etc.
6. Go to nearest police station make a police complaint submit all your evidences (recording/ contacts, sms…etc., witness) & send Lawyer Notice. Do the same in the court as well.
7. Law & order is not entertaining Bilkish butcher’s activity – It not come to their notice, so you have to make this issue to notice public news adds and media.
8. Only Deal through in Court with your lawyer - do not listen or compromise with any Bilkish butcher's at any cost they will fool you.
9. It will not cost you too much (there are many good lawyers / advocates ready to help for affordable cost) – but your problem will be solved permanently. You can inquiry and find them.

Note: All Bilkish butcher’s are with fake name and mobiles numbers also will do female and male mimicry voices.

For any advice can contact on : FIGHT4DJUSTICE@GMAIL.COM
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Old 08-01-2015, 08:40 PM   #12
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Default Re: Credit Card default (BILKISH ASSOCIATES)

Defaulter is Banana Country banks hot Business.

Credit limit 50,000 when defaulter 1, 50,000 - double profit, in no business get such a double profit.
loan is 1 lakes, when paid 50,000 remaining in defaulter then pay again with interests and future interest of interest pay again 1+ lakes + already paid money - double profit for bank.
Credit limit 50,000,
you had used only 25,000
you had paid 15,000 already,

now available credit limit 40,000 due to some difficulty you did not paid for few month then 1st month interests, 2nd month interests of interest in just 6 month – total outstanding is 40,000 (note you had used only 10,000 now how much paying 3 to 4 times of what you had used – 3 to 4 times of profit) – in no business Banana country bank will get such a huge profits.

Dear friends,

Why you people are afraid to go to court. You people go to schools, collage, hospitals, tours, and travel country to country, you go everywhere - except police station and court.
But afraid to go to police station and court don’t know why – Best lesson you can learn from this places 1. hospitals ( you can see how patients are suffering ) and 2. court ( you can see how peoples are fighting for the rights )

You have to afraid only when you did crime, cheating….wrong, defaulter is not a crime.

As a defaulter going to court and get your rights from honorable is the best then you no need to worry from any bilkish butchers are brokers – when your opponents bilkish like butchers know your week ness and you are afraid to go to police station and court then they will play with you like a football.

If you go to court and tell your problems and your conditions in front of honorable. Changes are there to pay only what you had used (example: - 10,000 out of 50,000 ) – if you are a bakara then you have to pay 3 to 4 times of what you have used.

This bilkish butchers and brokers who harres you in call but in court they come like a pig face

For any advice contact : FIGHT4DJUSTICE@GMAIL.COM.
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Old 07-10-2017, 12:37 AM   #13
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Default Re: Credit Card default (BILKISH ASSOCIATES)

This company is not what it claims to be, so don't be fooled.

Bilkish claims to have many offices and employees all over the world, but the entire company of Bilkish probably consists of 2 or 3 scammers who work together and occasionally get cheap temporary help from other desperate folks looking for any kind of work.

Note that Bilkish has a very low quality website. It looks like something an 8th grade student can make in an hour, except the 8th grader would have better grammar and spelling and make fewer punctuation mistakes. Also, a large reputable company would have a real home office address listed on its site, not a P.O. Box. Only small time businesses with owners that worry about being sued use P.O. Boxes. If Bilkish was the kind of company it claims to be, there would be a much more sophisticated website than the outdated one they use. A normal website for a large reputable company typically shows list of its corporate directors, officers and board members, along with their professional biographies and profiles. Bilkish has none of that. Why? Because it's not what it claims to be.

If you investigate deep enough, I think you'll find that there is no real Bilkish office, and I think you'll discover that they've never taken anyone to a court or caused anyone's visa to be delayed or denied. You'll discover that they are really nothing but talk. Annoying calls, emails and threats are all just talk. So just ignore them, because they'll never do anything more than talk. Let them talk all they want, but keep your money.
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Old 01-06-2018, 05:42 AM   #14
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n my end, i contacted the bank through the help of my saudi friend. They advise him not to pay anymore considering that i left the country on a proper way. If u have remaining balance, and the MOH let you go, it means the MOH should be run after, not the defaulter. The bank itself advise me not to worry. Nobody can file against you not unless from the bank itself,will do adjustication and follow it up in the central bank. They even told him not to ask it anymore and live a normal life.
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Old 06-26-2018, 08:22 PM   #15
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Default Re: Credit Card default (BILKISH ASSOCIATES)

Originally Posted by saint View Post
I was compelled to leave dubai in 2006 when i visited the bank to explain reason they bluntly said if do not pay my credit card balance i will be thrown into jail, due to stress and fear i left dubai making the minimum due. Now I am in bahrain and a company named BILKISH ASSOCIATES in sri lanka traced me and they have harassed my family making threats they have now called me as well and demanded for full payment. I requested for the statements but they they started saying that since it is almost 8-years that might be difficult i then asked them to get the bank to contact me My question is can the dubai bank charge me and get me arrested in bahrain can they deport or jail me. Can BILKISH ASSOCIATES get me arrested in Bahrain please advise I am worried sick,

Can they file a case in sri lanka ?
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