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Default Residential parking space violation and harassment


This is my first time on the forum. This is regarding an issue with my residential parking space.

I am facing a strange kind of harassment from two men who live in a building across my own (I don't personally know these men) - all the buildings in my area are maintained by the same company. Each building has four apartments and each apartment has two parking spaces.

They have been using my 2 parking spaces allotted to me in front of my building. They have their own parking spaces yet they park their vehicles in my parking spaces and many times their visitors and friends keep using my parking spaces - and they have only started doing this a few days after I started leasing the apartment.

These men have an old motorcycle that they used to park in their own parking space when I moved to my apartment but started parking it in one of my parking spaces and the bike has been there continuously for more than a year now (all the time I have been a resident here). They sometimes come over with their friends to this motorcycle and talk and laugh loudly at odd times - even in the night times, which is really inconvenient for me as a woman.

Other than this motorcycle, they have been parking a car in my second parking space for an entire month during last summer and I have contacted the realty management staff several times and they placed a notice on the car. Even though these men saw the notice they did not remove the vehicle from the space till the end of summer. The maintenance said that they will get the car towed but did not do anything about it.

Since both my parking spaces were occupied by these people I had problems using my own parking spaces for which I am paying the rent.

Again they started parking a car in my remaining parking space (the second space always has their motor bike in it) on Wednesday and I called the building maintenance staff on Wednesday (20th Jan 2016) and the person concerned was not there so I had to call and speak with their manager on 22nd Jan 2016 and she said that she will talk to this person to remove the car from my parking space. However mysteriously the owner of the car moved his car to his own parking space before the maintenance manager could come and give a notice. I believe that the maintenance staff is supporting these people. Since the bike was still there in my space manager had to post a notice on the bike unwillingly. When I asked her by when the bike will be removed she says that she doesn’t know. Then what is the use of the notice? Why should I be made to pay for something that I am not able to use? Please, let me know what legal action can I take and is there a way to make the men pay for their actions?

I am a single woman and a recent graduate with master's (Fall 2015) and the men who are taking advantage are also I believe are students at the same university. I am really pained that I am being oppressed in this fashion. I am paying for using the parking space and how could anyone who I don't even know keep using what is rightfully mine without my permission?

I have also noticed last summer that these two men had a lot of cars (the cars of people they know I guess) parked in all the 8 parking spaces (I know this because only they were residing in their building at the time) available in front of their building in addition to using my 2 spaces. The maintenance staff is also in on this no doubt.

The men seem to have the support even though they are in the wrong. Please help me get over this oppression.

This might seem like a small issue to others but to me it’s same as someone violating my right to have a normal life " which is causing me stress and I feel so helpless. I have taken some pictures of the car and the bike parked in my parking spaces, in case I need this as evidence.

Please guide me in this regard. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you
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Default Re: Residential parking space violation and harassment

I wish to inform you that you may serve a written notice to the other party and the property management company in the matter of misuse of your parking spaces. You may take photographs, note the vehicle numbers and maintain a log on when they are illegally parked in your parking spaces. If the matter is not resolved then you may file a lawsuit and request the court to order an injunction on the use of the parking spaces by the other party. You may contact an attorney and seek guidance in the matter.

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Default Re: Residential parking space violation and harassment

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Continue following up with your manager and request the manager inform officially they will be towed for further infractions. When it happens, go immediately to the manager and request a tow. doing this often enough will make taking your space a pan in the butt for all of them.
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