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Old 04-08-2018, 08:38 PM   #1
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Exclamation RCMP Patrick Kelly convicted for political convenience?

Nobody likes to hear about wrongful convictions, especially those done deliberately for the sake of hiding corruption. I just saw this on Reddit and it is about a guy who lost 22 years of his life behind bars. I am convinced he is innocent. See what you think...

"Patrick Kelly already served over 20 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. What most people do not know is that Patrick was offered early parole five years before he was released IF he would only admit to the crime. He insisted on his innocence, and again requested a polygraph test.

But here is yet another thing that only RCMP insiders like my "uncle" knows... Patrick was about to become the key witness in the biggest corruption probe in RCMP history that focused on Zacardelli and 3 RCMP Colonels worth over $300 million spanning a ten year period. It involved bikers, drugs, and even allowing the CIA to fly drugs into Canada as evidenced later by the arrest in Saskatchewan of a corrupt FBI agent named Nelson and a now-missing Canadian named Huxtable. Kelly himself was filthy corrupt in the middle of this ring functioning as an "insulator" of sorts and the washing machine for their illicit drug proceeds. If he was allowed to testify on the stand the top tier of the RCMP would come tumbling down within a few weeks of the disclosure. **KELLY HAD TO BE DISCREDITED AND QUICKLY.** Now Read the OP and learn another secret.

What better way to make a person, even a corrupt person unbelievable? Make him a defendant in a murder case that is so socially repulsive that he becomes the public center of scorn. Someone "close" to Jeanette Kelly would be recruited or induced to save the RCMP. That person was the undercover RCMP officer already having an affair with Jeanette. His name was Gilmour, (not the hockey player). His motives were many but primarily to salvage a tainted record with the RCMP and move up into management circles. If he could save the leaders from public disclosure by framing Kelly, he could become their favorite son and enjoy a quick upward climb through the ranks.

What was the tainted record I speak of? A wrongful shooting in a remote Yukon territory that insiders say was Yellow knife, but some say "near Yellow Knife". In the early 80s, they told me that an unarmed teen was shot in the back by this fellow Gilmour. To avoid a huge lawsuit and publicity the matter was white-washed by saying the teen was "armed" but nobody said with what, and the low-income family was well-compensated for their silence. But nobody could explain WHY the boy was shot in the back. It is probable that the then-rookie Gilmour was either trigger-happy or simply panicked. Only he would know. But after serving on the Toronto Police force and learning the horror stories of other wrongful shootings he knew this shooting could end his law enforcement career forever.

But now getting back to Patrick. Kelly was in a situation where if he went public with what he knew after he was charged, there was a 5% chance that the public and media would believe him, and secondly, he would probably sustain a fatal "accident" since the bikers and Colombian drug dealers were involved in the corruption. He had a better chance in the courtroom and Taber was brought in to seal his fate. The plan worked flawlessly and Patrick was guilty. HURRAY! the public shouted - evil was defeated. But was it really? Taber later admitted she committed perjury

But why wasn't Taber charged with perjury? More importantly, why wasn't Patrick Kelly given a new trial? Because without Taber there would be no conviction and people would surely wonder *"WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE?"* A noble and honest MP fought for a new trial on behalf of Patrick and a great article about his efforts has mysteriously vanished from the internet, yet all those that confirm Patrick's guilt lke this one are allowed to remain. Creative censorship online keeps the public convinced that Patrick is the devil himself and now he will never get to tell us of all the money laundering he did offshore for his RCMP cohorts and superiors who all gave a huge sigh of relief when Kelly's motion for a new trial was declined.

Fast forward today and in retrospect, *some* of the corruption Kelly could have exposed came to light with the biker prosecutions and a mountain of RCMP resignations. But over 20 years of Kelly's life was stolen from him and the real killer walks free. Is this justice? I think not. RCMP insiders and retired old-timers know this story but do not want to be excommunicated from the RCMP family. Even a former RCMP Super admitted it was true to a lawyer and an articling student heard a confession not meant for his ears. Those in doubt should just collect a few bucks and give both Patrick and Gilmour a polygraph test. Kelly is a broken man waiting to die why his former colleague Gilmour prospers as a lawyer in the GTA. I wonder is the presiding judge in Kelly's murder trial even has a conscience or if he too was compensated? Many dirty mounties dodged a big fatal bullet the day Patrick was convicted, and even more honest mounties hoped for a different outcome. The public remains fooled imo.

I have been meaning to post this for years. My conscience finally prevailed. Good night all."

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Old 12-02-2019, 11:31 AM   #2
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Default Re: RCMP Patrick Kelly convicted for political convenience?

I always felt the truth was being hidden in that case and after reading this, now I am sure of it:
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corruption, jeanette kelly, murder, new trial, rcmp patrick kelly, solicitor william gilmour, wrongful conviction

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