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Default Re: My upstairs neighbor is following me from Bathroom to bedroom to bed.........

I do have Problems with a few negative neighbours ' But the neighbours from Hell live above me , While I realise this is becoming a very common problem from all corners around the world.
Its now happening too me !
So lets call the Neighbour ( MR Depressant )
I Have noticed quite a few people asking and suggesting how are they doing this !
& Why !
1) Noise travels both up and down ,
2) People tend to have routines in the morning afternoons and evenings
3) when you change your routines to out wit Mr Depressant your always return to your daily routines again - Hence back to square One
4 ) People who harass others are Depressants
5) why do they do it - could be a Number of things

1. they want to cause you stress -
2. they want to suffocate the air you breath -
3. they want to intrude into your own private space -
4. they feel empower by distorting your Daily Life
5. they have plenty of free time !!!!
6. they know your always thinking of them ! sounds a bit fetish but true
7. you have a neighbour living below - its possible they are good friends and don't like your kind living in their apartment block .

I could go on all night : these type of people would have done it before to other people they know what they are doing is wrong' but enjoy the high of destroying other people lives.

While they see you every day suffering and slowing changing into the person they want you to be. they have no Remorse or guilt.

First sign of stress shows in the face & affects some people more than others through to cleanness Smelling good, hands nails hair & Health ,Hence skipping the odd shower or bath to avoid Mr Depressant.( Not a good Idea ) Buy some ear plugs

Mr Depressant can now see how your changing in appearance , from your hop in your step being demolished to a slow sluggish walk .

Mr Depressant wants that power over you ,which Makes them feel proud of their self for created a foul Human being.

They enjoy controlling others ,whether its male or female ,they will do it to others were ever they move too or live.
They live on the Dark side of life - To destroy everyone and anyone .
WHY - To Change you & Watch you Fall .

So here is my story :

I live Alone in a apartment Block Building of 9 ' Mr & Ms Depressant have one toddler of 2 yrs & he is a little cutie ,

from Monday to Friday I have my 10 month old Grandson while my daughter & her partner go to work ' Mr & Mrs Depressant would wake at 8 am as I do every morning & head for the bathroom being a few steps behind me , while they are above me 'I turn the tap to run the water to wash and brush my teeth ' they would do the same , every morning is the same ,they then follow me back into the bedroom to dress ,they would then make lots of noise opening their draws and cupboards which are directly under mine, ( is it getting weird yet ) all the apartments are planned with the same layout ,sometimes I get dressed in the living room & they follow my routines even if I change it .after a long stressful day I would run a bath knowing what's going to happen next ,No doubt they can hear the taps running , once I go to the bathroom I turn the taps off & they are above me ' stamping and walking back and forth turning taps on & off to pulling the chain on the toilet ,No matter how long I stayed in the bath ( up to an Hour lol ) they would continue their little playact.

( Determined little hoes or what ! ) while I have my earplugs in my ears listen to music or reading a book ( Most importantly I chill out )

( Remember your wasting their time stealing their space and the air they breath )

then at the weekends my free time I will spend watching a movie sometime up to 4- 5 am
surfing utube or playing a game - Time fly's by doesn't it

(Now am stealing their sleep as well ) I have Just Intruded into their space & am in control by being me.

what goes one way can go both ways ,( do I normally live this way - Yep I have kept to my normal Routine.
Then after a few weeks they seem to bump into me on the stairs ( hmmm ) everyone can hear front doors closing its No Big secret in this block , Mr Depressant Presently approaches me and ask how I am doing - and how he would like to invite me to their flat for dinner and see what they have done to the place ,( hmmm I don't think So ! ) That's Not Freaky at all lol

Its important to support & boost each other on web sites & not to be mocked by others that haven't experience the evil Demise of Mr & Ms Depressants its no fun Ride is it.
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