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Old 09-01-2014, 10:01 AM   #41
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Putting in my two cents here. I applied for a mortgage and my middle score came back at 619. I needed a 620, so I was looking for one point. I paid off 2 derogatories on my credit report and requested the items be *deleted and removed* to which, both creditors agreed. I waited 30 days and reapplied for a mortgage. Both items were GONE from my credit report (all 3 bureaus). The trade lines were completely removed. My mid credit score raised 18 points and I obtained my pre approval. I just made an offer on a house and it was accepted. My lender (bank-not broker) had to re pull my credit prior to making an offer because it just so happened that my original pre approval expired the same day that I made an offer. The original 2 items that I paid and were DELETED are still gone and my credit score is still in tact. It can be done. The items I had deleted were 6 yr old credit card debt.

You (assuming this is a conversation with the same person) even acknowledge above that the OC can submit a deletion request, but you state that the CRA is under no legal obligation to follow the request. Whether they are under an obligation to follow the request or not isn't really the question. The question is whether there is anything prohibiting them from following the request. The position being asserted by several is that there is no way to remove information unless it is inaccurate and that the CRAs are incapable of doing so, not whether they are obligated to do so. Whether or not they are obligated to follow a deletion request, I do not know. In practice, they do. And I would venture that what happens in practice is all anyone reading here cares about. But secondarily, I fail to see how the CRA would refuse to delete the information if they did receive a deletion request that was followed up by a dispute. Under FCRA 611(a)(5), the CRA would be unable to verify the information and would delete it.

I don’t know how you’ve read what I have written as disrespectful. Perhaps the “smug” comment was unnecessary, but reviewing this thread I see several ad hominems as well as conclusory statements with no supporting argument. I find that smug. Declarations that people are incorrect, stupid, posting dangerous advice, etc. without any supporting information are unhelpful.

In any event, I am posting because in my experience, you are incorrect that pay for delete arrangements cannot be accomplished. I’ve pointed to another board with a wealth of information regarding the process as well as countless testimonials from people that have been successful. I can either believe that every one of them is lying (or perhaps they’re all secretly posts by CAs seeking to trick people) or believe that you are misinformed about the FCRA. As I have twice asked for any support in the FCRA for your argument and you have provided none, I will choose to believe you are misinformed.

I don’t have a dog in this fight, except to the extent I am trying to provide helpful information to others reading the thread. If you wish to continue the discussion, cite to the FCRA or provide some other support for your position. If you do, I am happy to continue the discussion with you. One of us, as well as others reading, might learn something. But if your next response again amounts to little else than a “No, you’re wrong” I am done with this discussion.[/QUOTE]
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Old 09-11-2014, 05:23 PM   #42
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Seems like a dumb thing to get so worked up about. I'm sure that you can Google and find a correct answer....and YES, you definitely can get things deleted. I have had several accounts completely deleted from my credit report recently. I had mixed experiences when trying to get them deleted. All of these accounts were old and owned by collection companies (not the original creditor).

1. Some would act like getting accounts deleted is a complete myth and they could not do it
2. Some actually offered to get them deleted if I did not settle and paid the whole amount.
3. Some had to check with their manager.
4. No one would give it to me in writing I found. That is something they don't seem willing to do.
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