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Default Michigan Divorce (no-fault divorce, divorce process)

My husband has told me he would like a divorce. I reside in the city of Detroit. We have been married for 2 years and together for 6. I have no work history. He is the bread winner. I have a daughter from a previous relationship and she is 8 years old. I have no family and no friends. A few ears back, in an argument, he bleached all of my clothes. I currently have 3 cotton dresses, 1 tshirt, 1 pair of yoga pants, 1 pair of underwear and 1 bra to my name. He has told me that we didn't have the money to get clothes because all of the money goes to supporting my daughter and I. We have no food in the house and I just found a letter in the mailbox today stating the apartment manager wants us to sign a new lease or vacate. He stopped buying household cleaning supplies about a year ago and we don't keep groceries in the house. My daughter just got off medication for a clogged colon and our doctor has said that I need the medication (but we cannot afford it). Our diet is to blame. However, he says our finances are too low. He makes just over 30k a year and we don't qualify for state aid. I take medication for bi-polar and anxiety disorder. Sorry, I am trying to think of anything pertinent. I have a suspended license and cannot afford to pay to rectify this, as the state keeps tacking on $200 and he says we cannot afford to pay off my tickets. We have a vehicle that is not up to date on tags and i in my name, but it was given to me before he and I met and will stop running sometime soon as he didn't have the money to maintain it. An attorny told him a divorce here in Mi would run about $800. He says we will live together while he pays them small amounts monthly, until he has accummulated $600. Then, I guess they consider this a down payment and will begin the divorce process. This was told to me by him. The attorney also told him that Michigan is no-fault and he is able to just walk away from this marriage and I get nothing. Is this true?
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Default Re: Michigan Divorce (no-fault divorce, divorce process)

I wish to inform you that you are entitled to your share in the marital property. In this regard, even if there are assets in the name of husband that can be taken by you if you can show that those assets were purchased during marriage or are related to your married life. In this, you can ask court that all marriage assets should be divided equitably. You may also ask for spousal support in court. You may be represented by a lawyer or may represent yourself in court or seek assistance from legal aid.

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Default Re: Michigan Divorce (no-fault divorce, divorce process)

Unless your husband adopted your child, he has no legal financial obligation toward the child.

Yes, he can walk away without having to pay your way. You have not been married long enough to be "entitled" to anything. You don't have anything anyway. If he cannot afford to support you now, still married, it's unclear why you believe he'd be able to (or forced to support you as the result of divorce.

What is it you want out of the divorce? It doesn't sound as if either of you have anything for assets.

The marital property (such as furniture and possibly bank accounts) will be divided equally as well as the debt incurred while married (such as credit cards, etc.).

Neither you or your husband need to hire an attorney to divorce. You can go to the courthouse or even online and obtain divorce papers and file them with the court. It only costs about $40.00.

It might be a good idea to get out there and start looking for a job. Any job will do, as long as it pays the bills and keeps food on the table. Sorry to say, but you're going to have to earn your living in life, especially since he is intending to divorce you and you have no friends or family to fall back on. Get out there and support yourself so you can be financially independent.

If you cannot (or will not), the state will probably end up taking your child from you, as you cannot afford to properly care for her.
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Default Re: Michigan Divorce (no-fault divorce, divorce process)

If you have any assets you both will share those.

Sounds like you may have none.

Do some planning to figure out where and how you can deal with this if he leaves. Frankly it may be better for you based on what you say here,

Don't get trapped without a plan B.
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