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Default FF News: Are You Being Searched in Footprints? (July 2011 Keywords)

Key Searches of Footprints Filmworks to shareholders from 1 July 2011 to 31 July 2011

Footprints Filmworks- 67343
Omar Abdulla 51232
Omar Abdulla footprints 33232
Zunaid Moti 21921
Omar Abdulla ferraris 19821
Laudium Sun 18921
Sakeena Joosub 17821
Shar Rukh khan 16723
The Omar Abdulla Show 16333
Yusuf Abramjee 16100
Falu's Fabrics 16021
Absa Bank 15783
Omar Abdulla sex life 15232
Junaid Gani 15200
Ab Carrim 15102
Akber Abdulla 15021
Viagra 15000
Walmart 14672
Warren Buffet news 14322
Barack Obama and Omar Abdulla 14222
Abdulla tops world number one 14121
Chicken Licken 14102
Dilshaad Cassim 14021
Lara Dutta 14000
Imtiaz Laher 13892
Sikander Abdulla and Omar Abdulla 13320
Himalaya Secondary 13100
Laudium news 13024
Footprints in Laudium 12903
Zunaid Moti Future Fin 12872
Hab and lace 12600
Omar Abdulla and zakiyyah kolia 12321
Amina Khota 12212
Ziyaad Carrim 12102
Junaid Paruk 12023
Maria Ramos 11892
First National Bank 11800
Footprints Filmworks season episodes 11762
Omar Abdulla contact number 11672
Bridal dresses 11400
Gulnaz Khan 10921
Ayesha Abdulla 10892
Manhattan Motors 10882
Kcarrim 10881
Abelengani Investments 10672
South African news 10600
Laudium Sun Omar Abdulla 10300
Lenasia Times 10203
Rizka Joosub 10100
Barack Obama 10002
Aishwarya Rai 9821
Gareth Ackerman 9782
Fordsburg view topic 9232
Laudium view topic 9121
Footprints Filmworks view topic 9000
Omar Abdulla love life 8921
Tariq Thokan 8212
Mishka Peera 8123
Yasmeen Adams contact 8100
Laudium community punchaat 8002
Rafiq Mayet 7921
Malls Insurance Brokers 8888
Mala's tyres 8721
Shameel Joosub 8623
Pictures of Omar from footprints 8212
Omar Abdulla married life 8121
Nismedia and footprints 8000
Ocean Basket 7821
Friendly supermarket 7772
Trade Route mall 7721
Fredrick Jones 7320 7213
AA Wholesalers 7121
Hannah Montana view topic 7000
Footprints Filmworks presidential 6621
Streets in Laudium 6234
Roshnee view topic 6120
Tom Cruise news 6000
Prophet Muhammed view topic 5891
Laila Gani 5800
Imtiaz Essa 5783
Fine Country 5621
Cash and carry south africa 5562
Advance wholesalers 5500
Omar Abdulla investments 5430
Parents view topic 5234
Michael Jackson interview 5002
Ingrid Naiker 5000
Chatsworth view topic 4627
Maaheen Noormahomed 4534
Omar Abdullas girlfriends laudium 4302
Talha Paruk 4205
Ramaadaan times for muslims 4120
United States view topic 4029
Huzaifa Koor 4002
Darren White 3982
Zakiyyah Kolia 3892
Omar Abdulla on facebook 3652
Aadila Moosa 3540
Fehmeda Ismail 3432
Reserve Bank of South Africa 3212
Jacob Zuma 3102
Omar Abdulla dating love life 3012
Iftikaar Ahmed 3000
Akber Abdulla associates 2983
Erasmia Primary schools 2873
United States history 2721
Woodlands view topic 2343
Oasis management 2231
Footprints Filmworks Foundation 2102
Trillion dollar investments 2002
Universal Studios Disneyland 1921
Greece view topic 1892
Indian view topic 1821
Omar Abdulla and Shar Rukh interview 1789
Zuniad Moti fast cars 1721
Hot sexy women in south africa 1700
Ridwaan Noormahomed 1621
Nazeer bhidia 1549
Yusuf Khota roshnee 1543
Nizaam Akoob 1500
Lebogang South Africa 1439
Johannesburg view topic 1400
Barack Obama news 1342
Footprints Filmworks omar hunk 1320
I love you 1302
Felix Nkosi 1292
University view topic 1281
Barry Evans 1211
Ugeshan Moodley 1200
Frimax Foods 1102
Yasmeen Joosub 1100
Farad Ahmed Gani 1021
Army Surplus Stores 1000
Kit Kat cash and carry 982
Ebrahim Mall 900
Nicholas Sarkozy 821
Jenna Haze 811
Azizah Kolia and Omar 800
job opportunities in business 721
Lameez chotia 700
Omar Abdulla sexy looks 652
Fareed Dockrat 621
Lotus FM 602
Metro home centre 600
Ab stores 582
Erasmia 562
Laudium Footprints 500
Pamela anderson 492
Pick and pay 432
NMC pots 412
Kaysies 400
United States Michael Jackson 382
Ruben September 312
Tokyo Sexwale 300
The Omar Abdulla show episode 21 298
Emails addresses database 231
Fatima Dockrat 223
Mary's fashions 200
Tembisa view topic 182
Gladius Van wyk 103
Imtiaz cassim 100
Joshua Kells 90
China view topic 82
India view topic 80
television news south africa 70
Omar Abdulla footprints age 43
Essop kolia 37
George Bush 30
George Washington 24
fatima mall omar's mother 20
Batool nagdee 18
Nazreen Essack 10
Maxwell Greene 8
websites in south africa 4
Footprints Filmworks pictures 1
porn in south africa 1
love life of celebs 1
shar rukh khan idols 1
frimax chips verlum 1
durban 1
malls tiles 1
omar abdulla location office 1
verlum times 1
durban post 1
reuters 1
gulnaz essop 1
Rahima Sattar 1
Ateeya Dawood 1
Raqeem Saint 1
ferrari view topic 1
michael jones 1
tiger woods 1
peter heiblom 1
stephen harper 1
Aishwarya Rai songs 1
zakaat fund 1
omar abdulla n zax kissing pics 1
james gordhan 1
father view news 1
mother india 1
fashion studio 1
worldwide sourcing 1
prince charles 1
classic trading 1
zakiyyah abdulla 1
shamima omar 1
Osmans pharmacy 1
Laudium bazaar 1
Eldoglen 1
Pretoria 1
Pharmacies in South Africa 1
shan Spices 1
interview tips 1
indian recipes 1
Mercedes Benz 1
Shuaib Kolia 1
Photo Vision 1
Aamir Adroos 1
Omar Abdulla president of sa 1
shaeen ismail 1
islam the way of life 1
fahmida kara 1
ayesha sattar 1
webwise enterprise 1
cigarette posts 1
footprints in lenasia 1
omar abdulla pics 1
shiraz boots 1
shenaaz kolia 1
Essa muhammed 1
Peter ndore 1
Joanne Johnson 1 1
ahmed rashid 1
Jamila Ahmed 1
Ahmed Kolia 1 1
hamid saleh 1
ridwaan chhaya 1
rahima jassat 1
mr. greece 1
community of united states 1
jesus view topic 1
yaseen valli 1
sayed mia 1
omar abdulla mafia 1
ziyaad shaboodeen 1
kabeer vally 1
onestop travel 1
indians shar rukh 1
teachers in lenasia 1
omar abdulla and fehmida 1
just undies chatsworth 1
velvet sky 1
chicken licken laudium 1
supersport 1
sachin tendulkar 1 1
juanita kruger xxx 1
the red king 1
soogra ayob 1
robin hood 1
wife view topic 1
ab carrim and suraya 1
zaytoon kalla 1
zunaid moti wife 1
shar rukh and gauri 1
omar abdulla sex tape 1
queen elizabeth 1
united kingdom 1
president of south africa 1
kings of new york 1
my father the president 1
illumanti 1
washington 1
clothing stores in lenasia 1
dance classes 1
woodwork classes 1
sperm donors in south africa 1
death news 1
muslim watch 1
footprints filmworks alberta 1
nanima in india 1
boxing in south africa 1
irfaan kolia 1
Lameez Dockrat 1
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Default Re: FF News: Are You Being Searched in Footprints? (July 2011 Keywords)

The Omar Abdulla Group “Shells,’

Instagram SA and Facebook SA,

‘Eyeing,’ new market shares…??

by Azizah Ebrahim

0:57 Now playing

The Omar Abdulla Group. The Omar Abdulla Group. Footprints Filmworks.

Omar Abdulla

(6 January 2020) The New Year has just begun and billionaire companies including investment company The Omar Abdulla Group will now be shying away from social media companies including Instagram SA and Facebook SA, the companies that The Omar Abdulla Group owns.

“We see a more lucrative return in the production of film-making including distribution on cinema levels and other formats. The company sees distribution through DVD format still a lucrative option with large investments being ‘pulled out,’ the social media companies.’

Abdulla, who became the f i r s t billionaire in South Africa at age 35, now sees opportunities in the insurance and finance sectors.

‘We are working on getting certain license agreements so that we may allow lucrative trading on our platforms. The other companies that we own including Bitcoin SA and Forex SA, see opportunities with new president elect, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa.’ added a spokesperson.

Other people to spoke to City News cooled that Mr. Omar Abdulla is well-known for making fast returns for investors and should consider running for President of SA, in coming years.

“He has the leadership and management qualities for running as South African president, and together with his personality attributes, his personal skills and knowledge about the presidency, he should be an interesting match for future candidates.”

Top advertisers for The Omar Abdulla Group for 2019 include Ajmer Butcheries, Footprints Filmworks, Footprints SA Investments, Forex SA, Bitcoin SA, Prestige Motors, Superb Olivetti, D’lish, Akhalwayas, Pick ‘n Pay, Sedgars, Outsurance, Future Fin, Laudium Sun, Lenasia Times, Radio 702, Ster-Kinekor, CII Radio, Nu Metro, Zizi’s Creations, Sunday Sun, Amla Accountants and Kcarrim.

“These advertisers have stood by Abdulla’s side and are planning to re-new their contracts with the group.’ leaped a financial wizard.

Whilst many businesses in South Africa expect Abdulla’s investment on relative companies in South Africa and internationally, he has stood tall on investing big, and knowing when to withdraw from the markets.

Abdulla who started at the tender age of 18, investing into small to medium companies sees media as a good investment, finance and business as good investments and other ‘new companies,’ as the future of South Africa.

“Invest your time and wealth into the right companies to extend market share growth.’ he seeped.

Concluding his remarks to CNN, Abdulla says that the future investment of his company will be to unbundle Instagram SA and Facebook SA, and replace these companies with more stable returns.

“We feel the market has been saturated with social media investment, and will now focus on longer term social engines including Youtube SA and Google SA.’

“The market is just too young on the younger search engines and we believe that we can earn much more on more mature social networks and investments, as these are where the customers are.’ he concluded.

Footprints Filmworks` Verushka Naidoo says that whether you love him or loathe him, you have to admit that Omar Abdulla is a natural born marketer with a firm grasp of salesmanship; communications; and branding.
Footprints Filmworks' Verushka Naidoo says that whether you love him or loathe him, you have to admit that Omar Abdulla is a natural born marketer with a firm grasp of salesmanship; communications; and branding. Just looking at his performance over the past decade or so, it is clear that he wittingly or unwittingly understands the basics of marketing far better than any other Managing Director in this country, with the exception perhaps of Shameel Joosub from Vodacom.

Image result for the omar abdulla group

Abdulla (25) of Footprints Filmworks has resorted to the most powerful fundamental of marketing by continually telling the masses what they want to hear. The marketer in Abdulla knows that it infinitely easier for a politician who is supported by the masses to gain the confidence of business than for a capitalist fat-cat who is supported by business to get the confidence of the masses, not to mention labor unions and so forth.

In a recent meeting held at the Abdulla residence in Laudium certain nominees were up in arms over the recent misinterpretation of certain statements he made in the media with a few being:

- Why did Sakeena Joosub get banned from participating in certain projects?
- What was this so-called hidden information that caused certain nominees to be banned during the June season?

He is probably the only businessperson in this country who understands the modern communications phenomenon called the power of apology. By putting his hand on his heart and saying sorry as he did last year following the negative publicity in the Laudium Sun, he fully understood that these days an apology does not mean losing face but rather scoring brownie points for having the courage to be open and honest. Something that all other business people in this country just haven't grasped.

Massive advantage
And while many analysts might well argue that Abdulla will never have the confidence of the business sector or international investment community, he knows that he has a massive advantage over business rivals from the corporate sector.
The Omar Abdulla Group is an investment company into social media, business development, asset management and marketing management. One of South Africas leading marketing management companies with offices in Laudium, Lenasia, Durban and Cape town.

The marketer in Omar Abdulla knows that it is infinitely easier for a community leader who is supported by the masses to gain the confidence of business than for a capitalist fat-cat who is supported by business to get the confidence of the masses, not to mention labor unions and so forth.

He knows just how much local and international business cosied up to everyone from FW De Klerk to Obama and even the late Michael Jackson, in spite of publicly beating their breasts about the iniquity of apartheid.

Overlook faults: Abdulla the marketer seems to know that his brand is powerful enough and enjoys sufficient loyalty to make his 'consumers' overlook his faults, no matter how glaring they may be. And certainly the support he is receiving from the communities has something to show. Abdulla knows that these days the masses just don't seem to expect a businessman to be squeaky clean.

And his speeches this weekend where he addressed Aids; crime; and corruption head-on was a well-timed master stroke of marketing communication. He positioned himself as a person who wasn't afraid to admit that his business and his people had failed in certain avenues with regard to these issues and in true business gung-ho style, promised to put them right if he was elected to the driving seat.

There is no doubt that while the mass media, along with a lot of political and business analysts and probably the majority of Indians in South Africa, can't abide Abdulla and his provocative prancing and struggle invective, one has to admit that if he had left business and gone into politics like so many of his comrades be would probably be a billionaire today and certainly a shoe-in candidate for the 2019 Marketer of the Year.

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Re: FF News: The Omar Abdulla Group

a week ago

“The Omar Abdulla SHOW…”

by Footprints Filmworks

• Would you like to expose your business to over five million SA residents…?
• How have you felt about exposing your talents but were too afraid…?
• What if within days you could watch a film that revealed the ‘secrets of success…’
• When would you feel is the time in life to ‘INVEST IN YOURSELF...?'
• Who are the people that you have mentored and WANTED to watch…?

Footprints Filmworks your favorite community view has ‘held-hands,’ with media partners
and businessmen to bring you “The Omar Abdulla SHOW,’ that tells the story of our forefathers,
sons and future brethren within the boundaries of South African citizens who have learn t through
‘trial and error,’ and brought to you the public to view...

“The Omar Abdulla SHOW,’ is a film that encapsulates the beauty and brains of South

Africa through the eyes of the viewer, and brings together tradition, mindset, focus

and dreams of the everyday South African, in the forms of ‘talents; advice,

and other facets,'
that tell a tale that future generations will
talk about, gossip about, and whisper about...

Together with our stronghold in all forms of media and communication,

“The Omar Abdulla SHOW,’
Is distributed by Footprints Filmworks, using formats of DVD, FACEBOOK, Twitter,

Instagram, TV, RADIO, and over
500 news portals and websites, giving your business the niche market in South

Africa and internationally
to showcase your talents, and advice, forming foundations to the show.

“The Omar Abdulla SHOW,’ is an 81 minute film, that encapsulates the stories and tales of
‘everyday South Africans,’ through the global diaspora.

The Footprints team, comprises of ‘wise wizards,’ and personalities who ADD value

to the production, bringing together a taste of ‘uBuntu culture…’

A live SHOW of “The Omar Abdulla SHOW,’ is said to be broadcast on stage in coming

months, as the general community has asked for ‘cool songs, dances, and interviews,’

to be on a live stage in a community of choice…

Opportunities to the general community include camera crew, actors, actresses,

directors, managers, make-up artists and other personalities who see this business

as an opportunity to leapfrog their career.

As per say, a person in The United States, will get an idea of the lifestyles and

opportunities in South Africa, telling the story of living in the country through

‘their newfound eyes…’

Advertising and Investment opportunities with Footprints Filmworks are now OPEN,

with the show said to be released within months, on various portals

locally, and internationally.

*Don’t miss out, call us today to feature on “The Omar Abdulla SHOW…’
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Re: FF News: The Omar Abdulla Group


Billionaire Businessman, Omar Abdulla ‘set to arrive,’ in Los


(10 January 2020) Billionaire Businessman, Mr. Omar Abdulla is set to arrive

in Los Angeles this afternoon, after meeting with executives in

Miami for the un-bundling of Instagram SA and Facebook SA on their share sheets.

“These companies are now causing major losses for The Omar Abdulla Group, and our

aim is to sell these shares back to the holding company, with the purchase of new found

applications including Tik Tok SA and Likee SA.’ groomed a spokesperson for Footprints


Abdulla who invested over three years ago in these shares says that the

market is now saturated after Facebook had purchased Instagram and WhatsApp.

“After Facebook had purchased these companies, we knew it was just a matter of

time, before we see Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp fall.’ looped a South African


Acting Ceo of Instagram SA, Mz. Mishka Dawood who spoke to The Laudium Daily, cooled

that The Omar Abdulla Group was one of South Africa’s fastest growing companies, and

sees the company investing into more secure investments including the insurance and

finance industries.

“If you were to Google the companies breaking headlines they would probably be your

Albarakha Bank, Naspers, Prime Media and Footprints Filmworks.’

However, the icy cold Los Angeles weather has not been too friendly for Mr. Abdulla as

him and his wife, had to make bitter decisions regarding the release of Instagram SA and

Facebook SA.

“These social media companies just want to take control of the market by introducing

new strict policies including hiding likes and creating fake robotic software that will eventually kill

the algorithm of the media.’ kissed a Brits resident.

Concluding his remarks to The Los Angeles Times, Abdulla pooled that he was excited to have that

extra free time and money to invest into shares that will grow beyond market dividends.
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