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Old 09-11-2019, 12:16 AM   #1
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Default Need help with court coming up please, restraining order

Hello i am in need of some legal advise please. In 2015 because of some life choices that i made i signed over my rights of my childeren to my ex wife in the promise that i would get my rights back. Short story is that she did not give the rights back and only lied to get what she wanted. In 2017 she went to court to tell the judge that i was talking about them on my Facebook and saying that i love them and i missed them and told the judge that i was only causing them harm by talking about them on my Facebook and that my rights were terminated. Mind you i have not text them, written them, called them or had any direct contact with them since 2015. The judge granted her request for a no contact order to be put into place even tho it was on my own facebook that i was writing on. In 2018/early 2019 she got another order put on me for an anti harrassment because i was on my father support groups telling my story without using their or anyones names because it helped me though everything to talk to othet dads who were going through the same thing and yet again they granted it because she said that in my posts i was refering to them without saying their names. It was stated that i can not refer to her or the childeren, or say that i have ever had childeren. My lawyer and everyone who i talked to could not believe that even tho i said nobodys names and still have not talked to them directly since 2015 how this could be placed against me not to mention it kinda goes against my freedom of speach because she cant even prove it was her or the children i was even talking about. Now that the renewal is coming up she has nothing because i just gave up trying to share my story with other dads in my support groups the last entire year. I get court papers last week and it shows this fake profile that doesnt say my name or anyones name or pictures but she says some of the posts talk like the way i do and one donated to one of the kids charities that he put in his Facebook. Thats all just a donation and some posts that talk like me but the thing is that these posts were from 2017 2018 and there is a bunch of stuff said that i have never even done in my life. Can she actualy bring these to court and show them as evidence even tho nothing says my name, no pictures or anything just some posts that kinda talk like me and i think she did it because she had nothing to bring to court. How does the law see this kind of evidence? What can i say or do to have this thrown out. She says its me and i think its her. Thank you so much for any help/advise.
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Default Re: Need help with court coming up please, restraining order

I wish to inform you that party making allegation has the burden to show that allegations are correct. You may object to allegations against you and seek court order for IP address from where computer managing that profile is being operated. Location of computer managing that profile may show that you are not managing that profile and some other party is responsible for this. You may further seek court order removing no contact order on the ground that it is in the best interest of child if children remains in contact with both the parents.

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Old 09-11-2019, 10:30 AM   #3
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think she made the profile and the funny thing is that when i was served papers i tried to friend request this profile then within hours it was gone. Maybe it was deleted? Can you still aquire an ip address? And i already tried to argue the kids talking to both parents but she bluntly said i signed over my rights they are no longer my childeren
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